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PI Showcases its Latest 6-Axis Robotics Positioning System at MD+M West Show

Nanopositioning specialist PI exhibits its latest 6-axis robotics positioning system at the MD+M West show, the world's largest medical design + manufacturing event. The miniature hexapod system provides more than 10 lbs of force and motion in all six degrees of freedom. It can be used for manufacturing and placing of parts requiring very high precision, for microscopy applications or laser and optical alignment.

After two decades of experience with the design and production of hexapod robots, PI's electro-mechanical / piezoelectric six-axis positioners are among the most advanced multiaxis precision motion control systems in the world.

Features and Advantages of the M-810 Miniature Hexapod

  • Operation in Any Orientation
  • High-Stiffness 6-Axis Hexapod with 5 kg Load Capacity
  • Very Compact: 10 cm Diameter, 11.8 cm Height
  • 0.2 Micron Minimum Incremental Motion (40 nm Resolution)
  • Long Travel Ranges to 40 mm (linear) and 60° (rotation)
  • Powerful Controller with Freely Definable Virtual Pivot Point
  • High Velocity of 10 mm/s
  • Linear and Rotary Multi-Axis Scans

Parallel Kinematics Advantages
Parallel-kinematic motion systems have a number of advantages over standard serial kinematic (stacked) positioning systems:

  • Virtual Pivot Point: Rotation Around any Point, not unlike the Human Hand
  • Only one Moving Platform, No Accumulation of Guiding and Lever-Arm Errors
  • No Moving Cables for Improved Reliability and Precision
  • Smaller Package Size
  • Increased Stiffness, Reduced Inertia, Better Dynamics

Smaller Motors and Encoders, Controller + Software Included
The limited space necessitated the usage of new technologies for encoders, motors and other integrated electronic components. The M-810 is compatible with PI's tried and proven hexapod controllers that are supported by windows software and a library of drivers and programming examples for applications such as optical alignment etc. PI also provides simulation tools for hexapod integration.

PI Hexapods come with load ranges from 2 kg to >1000 kg.

Precision manufacturing, high precision placement of parts; alignment of optical components + lasers, microscopy applications, neuroscience.

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