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PI Introduces M-692 Low Profile Positioning Stages with Ultrasonic Linear Motors

PI's ultra-low profile (14 mm / 0.6"), ultrasonic linear-motor-driven M-692 series of translation stages was designed for high-speed, high-stability positioning tasks with limited space.

M-692 low profile positioning stages with ultrasonic linear motors provide high positioning speeds to 350 mm/sec (~14"/sec). They also feature a very low profile of 14 mm (0.6") and an integrated linear encoder for backlash-free positioning. Shown with C-867 controller

These stages are the lowest profile closed-loop linear motor equipped micropositioning systems in the industry. Based on PI's proprietary PILine® ultrasonic ceramic motor technology (US Pat. No. 6,765,335) these stages provide velocity to 350 mm/sec, while holding a stable position with zero energy consumption when at rest.

Linear Encoder Integrated, Scalable Design

Two standard versions are available: M-692.1U4 with 20 mm stroke and M-692.2U4 providing 90 mm. Both versions are equipped with integrated linear encoders for backlash free positioning. The stages can be arranged to form compact XY systems. The basic design is scalable and can be varied to provide different travel ranges to 300 mm. Vacuum-compatible versions are also available on request.

Features & Advantages

  • Stable: Self Locking at Rest
  • Closed Loop: Linear Encoder for backlash free Positioning
  • Fast: Ultrasonic Linear Motor provides to 350 mm/sec (14"/sec)
  • Very Low Profile: Only 14 mm (0.6" Height)
  • Closed Loop: Linear Encoder
  • Cost-Effective Design
  • Travel Ranges 20 and 90 mm
  • Compact XY Combinations Possible
  • Optimized Controller and Drive Electronics

For optimum performance the highly specialized C-867 motion controller is recommended. This dedicated piezo motor controller also integrates the drive electronics which PILine® motors require to generate the ultrasonic oscillations for the piezoceramic element. Furthermore, the controller has a number of special characteristics, including continuous automatic drive frequency adjustment, dynamic parameter switching for optimized high-speed motion and settling behavior and some other features to address the requirements of ultrasonic motors

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