PI Introduces F-206.S Six-Axis Hexapod Alignment System

The F-206.S, Six-Axis Hexapod Alignment System from Nanopositioning Specialist PI (Physik Instrumente) L.P, is the most affordable precision positioning system of its kind. It provides 6D motion with 33 nanometer resolution and advanced alignment software for optics and photonics components.

Including a highly advanced parallel kinematics controller/driver featuring vectorized motion with arbitrary pivot point capability as well as an extensive software package,
the complete system is available from $33,900 in North America (http://store.pi-usa.us/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=F-206.S0)

PI has 2 decades of hexapod design experience and world's largest installed base of parallel-kinematic nanopositioning systems.

How does is the F-206 Differ from other Positioning & Alignment Systems?
The "parallel-kinematics" design with a virtual pivot point and vector-based 6D motion-controller is what sets the F-206.S system apart from conventional "stacked multiaxis positioners". Due to the reduced moving mass (only one common lightweight platform for all 6 actuators) the system can respond and settle much faster. It is also considerably more compact and accurate than conventional multi-axis stage stacks (serial kinematics). Its parallel-kinematics design and advanced, digital 6D controller minimizes unwanted crosstalk motion.

Controller Handles Complex Nanopositioning Tasks
The F-206.S HexAlign system is of great value for any complex, high-accuracy positioning and alignment task where independent, high-precision motion in six degrees of freedom is required. Its flexibility is based on the virtual-pivot-point capability built into the controller. Since Hexapod motion is not determined by fixed bearings but real-time, 6-space control algorithms, this point can be chosen freely with a single software command, a prerequisite for fast and accurate alignment tasks.

Software for Automatic Optical Alignment:
The Hexapod comes with powerful control and alignment software, LabView drivers, DLLs, etc. and many programming examples. When equipped with an optional high-speed photometer card, the Hexapod aligns arrays, waveguides & collimators up to 10 times faster than conventional multiaxis positioning stages.

Application Examples
Precision positioning, alignment & testing of optics, photonics & MEMS components. Nanolithography, Micromanipulation, Microsurgery.


  • Compact, Affordable Six-Axis Parallel-Kinematics Nano-Alignment System
  • Powerful 6D-Digital Controller with Alignment Routines & LabView Drivers
  • Low Inertia, Fast Response & Settling
  • 33 Nanometer Design Resolution
  • PivotAnywhere Fully Virtualized Center of Rotation
  • No Moving Cables: Reduced Friction, Improved Reliability, Easy Integration


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