Oxford Instruments Plasma Technology Launches Next Generation HBLED Batch Production Tools

Oxford Instruments Plasma Technology is providing outstanding benefits for HBLED manufacturers, with the launch of the PlasmaPro™ NGP®1000 HBLED range of plasma etch and deposition tools. Unparalleled throughput with industry leading batch sizes from 61 x 2” wafers? up to 7 x 6” wafers, coupled with high quality device performance and yield, means that Oxford Instruments is able to provide customers with an exceptional HBLED production offering.

The NGP1000 range has been designed to enhance throughput, maximise uptime and reduce cost of ownership through reliable hardware and ease of service.? The NGP1000 platform has been optimised for batch production, with a vacuum load lock as standard. Open load and 4-sided cluster options are available.

“High Brightness LEDs (HBLEDs) are now an integral part of our lives, providing lighting solutions for a growing number of applications, from backlit televisions to general lighting”, comments Mark Vosloo, Oxford Instruments Plasma Technology Sales Director, “The industry justifiably demands high throughput, device quality and lower cost of ownership, and the NGP1000 offers all these solutions.

Oxford Instruments Plasma Technology has been the world leading supplier of high volume batch plasma tools in the production market for over 15 years, with a wide installed base of HBLED production systems. As the industry continues to evolve, we have the technology and expertise to offer the most up to date solutions to our customers.”

The PlasmaPro NGP1000 PECVD system is designed for the deposition of SiO2 and SiNx layers, and incorporates a large area electrode and optimised showerhead design, allowing up to 61 x 2”, 15 x 4” or 7 x 6” wafers in a single load. The PlasmaPro NGP1000 etch system, designed for GaN, AlGaInP and Sapphire etch, offers batch sizes up to 55 x 2”, 13 x 4” or 5 x 6”, yielding market leading volumes of wafers/month.

Excellent uniformity over large areas is provided by the newly introduced 60MHz Viper™ plasma source. This innovative source achieves comparable plasma densities to ICP sources, maintaining the benefits of high etch rates and low damage.

This latest system development reinforces Oxford Instruments’ aim to be the leading provider of new generation tools and systems for industrial and research markets, based on our ability to analyse and manipulate matter at the smallest scale. The company uses innovation to turn smart science into world-class products that support research and industry to address the great challenges of the 21st Century.

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