PI Releases New Catalog Featuring Details on Nanopositioning Systems

Physik Instrumente (PI), a company that manufactures high-accuracy motion-control devices and nanopositioning stages for semiconductor, bio-medical, nanotechnology and imaging applications, introduces a nanopositioning catalog.

PIs New Nanopositioning Systems Catalog

The company also manufactures piezo motors, piezo nanopositioning systems and actuators for a broad range of applications. The catalog offers details about piezo nanopositioning and scanning systems.

The catalog consists of 160 pages and concentrates on nanopositioning systems based on piezo-flexure that can cover small distances as small as an atom diameter repetitively. It explains in detail about the two ways to get multi-axis movement such as serial and parallel kinematics. Serial Kinematics is an easy and cost-effective technique when compared to parallel kinematics. The catalog covers both XY and XYZ stages and tip/tilt platforms required for imaging, adaptive optics, nanometrology, scanning microscopy, and laser beam steering.

The catalog also features ceramic precision linear motors, innovative hybrid systems, and parallel kinematic positioners that are dual-axis systems with six-axis hexapods. A particular section of the catalog elaborates on digital nanopositioning controllers. This section explains about the software required, discusses interfacing alternatives and various digital servo control algorithms and models to achieve high levels of linearity in dynamic and static applications.

Source: http://www.pi-usa.us

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