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Montana Instruments Nanoscale Workstation Now Available from LOT-QuantumDesign

The Montana Instruments Nanoscale Workstation provides an entire cooled breadboard platform for configuring your experiment.  Based on the automated low vibration architecture of the Cryostation, the system gives you room to think big.

Key Features:

• Integrate multiple components on a cold breadboard
• Low vibrations (<15 nm peak to peak)
• Base temperature of 4.3 K (20 mK stability peak to peak)
• Optical breadboard with 12.5 mm grid of mounting holes
• 7 locations for thermal lagging to radiation shield (30 K)
• Wide range of window options and sample mounts
• 195 mm diameter x 71 mm tall sample space
• 8 optical access ports (7 radial, 1 axial)

A miniature breadboard at your fingertips!  Imagine having the freedom to integrate a sample with multiple probes, nano-positioners and free-space optics right onto the cold platform. In this way, the cold platform simply becomes an extension of the optical table.

The Nanoscale Workstation is now available from LOT-QuantumDesign. For more information about this product, please click here.

About LOT Quantum Design

LOT QuantumDesign is a key supplier of nanotechnology solutions for research and industrial applications. Their range of products includes atomic force microscopes, scanning near field optical microscopes and confocal Raman microscopes.

LOT-QuantumDesign also specialises in providing instrumentation for several nanomanufacturing applications including dip pen nanolithography, thin film and surface analysis and nanoindentation.

LOTQuantumDesign offer a complete range of spectroscopy instrumentation including lights source, monochromators/spectrographs, solar simulators and filters.

About Montana Instruments

Montana Instruments specializes in precise and innovative optical measurement solutions for research and industry. Our flagship product, the Cryostation, is a highly stable closed cycle optical cryostat.

Closed cycle means no helium is consumed, so your operational costs are minimal. Our stability of 5nm peak to peak is unmatched in the industry. The automated control is standard - freeing you to do the research you know best.

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