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XEI Scientific Announce Distribution Deal with ICMAS in Southeast USA

XEI Scientific Inc, maker of the popular EVACTRON® De-Contaminator™ Plasma Cleaning System for electron microscopes and other vacuum chambers, has appointed the ICMAS organization to be the distributing sales channel for their decontamination products in the Southeast USA.

ICMAS is a representative organization providing sales and marketing for a select group of science and technology based companies. Founded in 1994 by Robert Hirche, ICMAS, Inc. is highly respected by its customers. ICMAS serve the research and development community at Fortune 500 companies, major universities, and government laboratories, focusing on engineering, natural sciences, and semiconductor markets.

Speaking about the appointment, Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Daniel R Kleinen says "ICMAS provides us with an extremely experienced partner in a rapidly growing market in high technology vacuum-based instrumentation where a spotless environment is required. The Evactron is the most cost-efficient cleaning system offered by XEI Scientific. The Evactron De-Contaminator uses a remote RF plasma source to produce gas-phase radicals that flow downstream through the chamber, eliminating contamination by chemical etch."

Robert "Bob" Hirche is equally positive about the new arrangement. "XEI demonstrates leadership in the technology and sales volumes of their Evactron De-Contaminator systems. Their products are a natural fit to our current portfolio and we are confident we will be able to help XEI continue to grow in this market."

To contact ICMAS in Tennessee, customers are invited to visit the web site and learn more about the products offered:

XEI has now sold more than 1750 Evactron systems worldwide solving contamination problems in many different environments using instrumentation such as electron microscopes, FIBs and other vacuum sample chambers. Please visit our web site for the latest details,

About XEI Scientific, Inc.

XEI Scientific Inc. invented the Evactron De-Contaminator in 1999 as the first plasma cleaner to use a downstream cleaning process to remove carbon from electron microscopes. A proprietary plasma source uses air to produce oxygen radicals for oxidation of carbon compounds for removal by the pumps. Carbon-free-vacuum produces the highest quality images and analytical results from SEMs and other vacuum analytical instruments. XEI innovations include a unique RF plasma generator, a patented RF electrode, and easy start programmed plasma cleaning. All XEI products come with a 5 year warranty and are compliant with CE, NRTL, and Semi-S2 safety standards. XEI offers a variety of Evactron® decontamination systems to meet user needs and >1750 installations around the world.

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