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Ammunition Manufacturer to Purchase Ambrell EASYHEAT Induction Heating Systems

Ambrell, a leading manufacturer of induction heating systems, has sold eleven EASYHEAT induction heating systems to an ammunition manufacturer. The client will use the EASYHEAT systems for its shell annealing applications.

Induction is commonly used to anneal shells. In the past, many companies used inefficient gas-flame and conveyor-oven processes. Ovens require large amounts of floor space, are inefficient and the batch heating process necessitates considerable inventory costs. Meanwhile, torches are inefficient and imprecise, leading to substantial scrap costs.

The drawbacks of competitive heating processes led the client to choose induction, and their satisfaction with the process is evident with this additional order. Induction is energy efficient, controllable and there is no need for batch heating. Many clients also report increased production rates thanks to induction’s rapid heating.

Randy Oliver of Robert Bosch Corporation, a long-time Ambrell customer for shell annealing applications, commented, “For our application we replaced a gas-fired oven with an Ambrell induction heating system. We see significant advantages to this approach. The cost-to-own and operate our induction heating system is significantly less than the oven, especially during these times of rising fuel prices.”

Ambrell was founded over 25 years ago and has sold more than 10,000 systems into over 50 countries. All clients are offered free application testing to ensure their system achieves process objectives. For more information about Ambrell, visit the Ambrell website.

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