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Ambrell EASYHEAT Induction Heating Systems

The EASYHEAT induction heating systems provide a reliable, compact solution for heating your parts with a quick, clean source of heat. Available in models from 1.2kW to 10kW, all are ideal for repeatable, non-contact heating of your parts. Equipped to operate over a broad frequency range (150-400 kHz), EASYHEAT is ideal for heating parts of many geometries and compositions with excellent power control within 50 W resolution. Core field-strengths up to 125kA/m can be achieved.


  • EASYHEAT power supply; 1kW to 10kW, frequency 150kHz to 400kHz
  • 3-coil kit; specially-designed for hyperthermia research: 1", 2.5" and 4" inside diameters
  • fiber-optic temperature sensor with optional controller
  • serial data-link cable to your PC
  • "starter kit" including plastic and glass vials, insulating paper

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