PI’s New High Performance Multi-Channel Digital Piezo Controller is Cost-Effective Too

PI (Physik Instrumente) L.P., an industry leader in precision motion components, systems, and solutions, has released a new, high-performance 3 and 4-channel digital piezo controller that integrates with a wide range of existing piezo-based nanpositioning systems and piezo actuators.

Lower Price, Higher Performance

The new E-727 replaces the E-725 controller and combines higher performance with a lower price. Compared to its predecessor, it provides 3 additional high-resolution analog interfaces, a faster servo, as well as a broader choice of traditional, high-speed, and real time digital interfaces, such as SPI, Ethernet, USB and RS-232

Ultra-Low Noise Controller

20-bit DAC & ADC converters keep the closed-loop E-727  controller operating with high resolution and ultra-low noise, along with 4 integrated power amplifiers for multilayer piezo drives with operating voltage of -30 to +130V. Closed-loop nanopositioning systems are supported with capacitive feedback sensors, piezoresistive sensors, and traditional strain gauges. In addition to PID control, 2 additional user programmable notch filters are implemented for suppression of mechanical system resonances. Linearization based on 4th order polynomials provides higher positioning accuracy. The Dynamic Digital Linearization (DDL) feature eliminates non-linearities at high operating frequencies.

Data Recorder, Auto-Calibration ID Chip, Quick Start UP, Comprehensive Software Package

The cost-effective E-727 has a data recorder for high speed tracing, ID chip compatibility for quick start-up, and exchange of system components without recalibration, and the additional feature of programmable drift compensation.

The controller comes with extensive software support for LabVIEW and shared libraries for Windows and Linux. Multiple digital interfaces for ease of control: Ethernet, USB, RS-232, SPI. Four (4) digital I/O channels as well as four (4) high-resolution analog inputs and outputs each are also available for use with external sensors, target values or external amplifiers.

Specifications, Datasheet and More Information here

Applications of the E-727

Applications include nanopositioning, nano-automation, semiconductor technology, photonics, bio-nano-technology, metrology, microscopy, micro-manipulation, including cleanroom applications.

Features & Advantages

  • Digital Servo for Advanced Control Algorithms
  • 25 kHz Control Bandwidth
  • For Capacitive and Piezo-restive Strain Gauge Feedback Sensors
  • High Resolution Analog Control Inputs and Outputs
  • Interfaces: Ethernet, USB, and RS-232
  • Digital Inputs and Outputs
  • DSP 32/64-bit Floating Point, 375 MHz
  • 20-bit DAC and ADC Resolution
  • ID Chip Compatible for Interchangeability of Controller and Mechanics
  • 4th Order Polynomial Linearization for Mechanics & Electronics

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