JPK Announces New Petri Dish Heater for Live Cell Imaging

JPK announces the new Petri dish heater solution for live cell imaging using the NanoWizard® BioAFM and the CellHesion® product lines.

It has always been a challenge to develop a dimensionally stable thermal capability for AFM when using plastic components. However, the use of plastics is very much the standard in cell biology with the benefit of being disposable. JPK has overcome this with special mechanical adapters and an intelligent drift compensated design. Plastic and glass-bottomed 35mm diameter Petri dishes from standard suppliers such as BD, Corning and Wilco can be used.

The new heater system is fully compatible with JPK’s range of NanoWizard® AFM and CellHesion® systems. This means all the standard imaging and measurement techniques may be applied at temperatures up to 60°C with 0.1°C precision. These include fluorescence, transmission illumination, AFM imaging and cell mechanics study. The system also offers perfusion control employing standard syringe pumps and gas flow of carbon dioxide possible for long term cell studies. Glass bottomed dishes are important for high numerical aperture fluorescence experiments such as confocal laser scanning used in combination with AFM.

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