Fabricating Gold Electrodes on Flexible Polyimide Films

Polyimide films are commonly used in flexible electronic applications because of their extraordinary properties. These films display superb mechanical strength, thermal stability, and chemical resistance. This makes them perfect for utilization in harsh environments.

Their inherent flexibility also enables the design of compact and lightweight devices that can quickly adapt to various shapes.

Platypus Technologies is a leader in custom design and fabrication services. The company delivers cutting-edge solutions for various industries, including the fast-growing field of flexible electronics. A specialty of Platypus Technologies is the fabrication of gold electrodes on flexible polyimide films.

This article discusses these innovative components' significance, applications, and fabrication process.

Gold thin film electrodes on flexible polyimide sheet.

Gold thin film electrodes on flexible polyimide sheet. Fabricated by Platypus Technologies. Image Credit: Platypus Technologies, LLC

Fabrication Process for Gold Electrodes on Polyimide Films

The fabrication of gold electrodes on polyimide films is comprised of numerous critical steps:

  • Preparation of the surface of polyimide films: The film surface is cleaned and prepared to ensure proper adhesion of subsequent layers.
  • Deposition of adhesion layer: A thin layer of titanium or chromium is deposited onto the polyimide film to support strong bonding with the gold layer.
  • Gold deposition: Gold is deposited onto the adhesion layer using approaches, such as evaporation or sputtering, producing a conductive gold film.
  • Photolithography for patterning gold electrodes: Utilizing Platypus Technologies’ photolithography methods, a pattern is formed in a photoresist layer applied to the gold film.
  • Wet etching or metal lift-off: The pattern is transferred to the gold layer by selectively etching away unprotected gold regions (wet etching) or dissolving the photoresist (metal lift-off).
  • Post-processing and surface treatment: To improve their performance, the fabricated gold electrodes may undertake further surface treatments, such as the deposition of self-assembled monolayers or oxygen plasma cleaning.

Applications of Gold Electrodes on Flexible Polyimide Films

Gold electrodes on flexible polyimide films have several applications, such as:

  • Biosensors: Gold electrodes on polyimide films may be incorporated into flexible biosensors to detect various biomolecules in environmental monitoring or medical diagnostics.
  • Wearable electronics: These flexible components facilitate the development of skin-friendly and comfortable wearable devices for fitness tracking or health monitoring.
  • Flexible solar cells: The fabrication of gold electrodes on polyimide films enables lightweight, bendable solar cells to be created for portable energy harvesting.

Platypus Technologies’ Capabilities and Services

Platypus Technologies has state-of-the-art facilities and a team of multidisciplinary experts to ensure reliable, consistent, and high-quality solutions for gold electrode fabrication on polyimide films.

Platypus Technologies’ extensive surface characterization equipment, dedicated cleanrooms, and rapid delivery times make the company an ideal partner for your flexible electronics needs.


Flexible gold electrodes on polyimide films are critical components for various applications, from solar cells to wearable electronics. Platypus Technologies’ expertise and advanced capabilities can facilitate the development of innovative, high-performance products.

Contact the company today to discuss your specific requirements or to learn more about its fabrication services.

This information has been sourced, reviewed and adapted from materials provided by Platypus Technologies, LLC.

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