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Micromeritics AutoPore V Series Porosimeters

The mercury porosimetry analysis technique can be used to determine a variety of sample properties such as total pore volume, pore size distribution, median pore diameter, total pore surface area, and sample density.

Based on the intrusion of mercury into a porous structure under controlled pressure increments, AutoPore V Series Mercury Porosimeters from Micromeritics provides speed in synergy with precision and can determine a wider pore size distribution more quickly and precisely, giving it a great advantage over other methods.

The instrument also comes with improved safety features and provides new data reduction software and reporting options, offering more information regarding fluid transport and pore geometry information of the material being characterized.

The AutoPore V comes in two models to match the requirements of individual quality assurance and research labs.

Key Features

The main features of the AutoPore V Series Porosimeters include:

  • Low-noise, high-pressure generating system
  • Enhanced safety features for mercury handling and operator exposure
  • Quick-scan mode enables a continuous pressure increase at constant speed, approximating equilibrium and providing faster screening
  • Real-time analysis display and diagnostics
  • Collects extremely high-resolution data
  • Ability to measure pore diameters from 0.003 to 1100µm
  • A choice of correction routine for blank provides improved accuracy by correcting for thermal effects and compressibility caused by high pressure
  • Equilibration modes for greater detail and more precise results
  • Integrated mercury temperature sensor enables automatic calculation of mercury density utilized for penetrometer calibrations and improves safety
  • MicroActive software enables users to interactively manipulate data, define custom reports, and achieve analytical results quickly
  • Available with two low- and one high pressure ports or with four low- and two high-pressure ports for added sample throughput
  • Available in 33,000 psia (228 MPa) or 60,000 psia (414MPa) models

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