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OmniProbe 400 Nanomanipulator

The OmniProbe 400 nanomanipulator, available from Oxford Instruments, is a ninth-generation system that exploits piezo actuation for superior nanoscale positioning. It is designed to provide maximum performance and flexibility for high output and high resolution applications, and it is suitable for nanoscale object manipulation.

The nanomanipulator can be used to perform different FIB lift-out TEM sample preparations, nanoscale manipulation, and testing in the SEM with 43 performance - 4 mm or more working distance, 4 degrees of freedom (X,Y,Z,R), and 4 motion strengths: motor resolution, encoder resolution, linearity and repeatability.

Features and Benefits

The main features and benefits of the OmniProbe 400 Nanomanipulator are as follows:

  • High throughput TEM lift-out, backside, plan-view and atom probe sample preparation
  • Improves microanalysis by separating the sample
  • Measures electrical parameters of nanostructures
  • Manipulates accurately at the nanoscale with 4 mm travel
  • Moves nanowires and nanoparticles into precise test structures and patterns
  • Neutralizes charge on uncoated samples
  • Streamlines scheduling and workflow in labs with multiple users
  • 10 nm closed-loop encoders and nanometer-resolution piezo actuators deliver top-notch linearity, precision, and smooth motion
  • Multiple-level automation helps to provide results in a few steps
  • Accurate closed-loop feedback control to provide smooth motion, high integration, and a dependable accuracy.
  • Incorporates fast in situ tip changes and motorized concentric rotation as standard

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