Scribing and Cleaving Kit for Small Samples

The “Scribing and Cleaving Kit for Small Samples” includes a clear ruler with metric and imperial/US units, a fine tipped sharpie for marking the sample, sample handling tweezers, a pen style diamond scriber for scribing before cleaving and small sample pliers (GC-SS-100) for cleaving. It also contains a handy carrying case to keep all of the tools together.

The small sample pliers are custom-made by LatticeGear. These handheld cleaving pliers can be used to cleave samples into pieces with sized between 1 and 30 mm. They are made from stainless steel covered with plastic handles to provide a strong grip. The soft nylon covered jaws do not damage your sample. They are ideal for samples that are thin and small. In addition, they are lightweight and simple to use. Instructions are included with this kit.

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