Cleaving Kit without Mat

This is the exhaustive tool kit for scribing and cleaving cleanly. This process is crucial for creating the highest quality cross-sections. This kit contains two diamond scribes for marking and scribing, one pen style diamond scribe and pliers for cleaving. This kit can be used for a large range of materials and wafers such as Si, GaAs and glass.

The standard configuration includes one each of the following items:

  1. Diamond Scribe-Pen style
  2. Diamond Scribe-Straight tip
  3. Diamond Scribe-30 degree tip
  4. Tweezers with black soft fiber fine tip (length 6 ¼”)
  5. CleanBreak Pliers-Wafer cleaving pliers.
  6. Small ruler mat-Self healing, Small wafer piece ruler mat
  7. Clear plastic ruler with metric and US units
  8. Tungsten cleaving wire

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