The Cleaving Station with Mat

The Cleaving Station contains a 12x18” self-healing cutting mat, two diamond scribes to use for marking and scribing, one pen style diamond scribe and pliers for cleaving. It also includes all items in the Wafer Cleaving Kit (CSK-200M-LG). The Lattice Scriber is customized with an 8-point diamond tip that can scribe well at any angle. Moreover, this set contains LatticeGear’s small sample cleaving pliers. They can be used to achieve a clean cleave on samples with sizes anywhere between several mm and 300 mm.

The standard configuration set contains one each of the following items:

  1. Diamond Scribe-Pen style
  2. Diamond Scribe-Straight tip
  3. Diamond Scribe-30 degree tip
  4. Lattice Scriber diamond scriber customized with an 8-point diamond tip
  5. Tweezers with black soft fiber fine tip (length 6 ¼”)
  6. CleanBreak Pliers-Wafer cleaving pliers. 3 sets of jaws (two running for crystalline substrate and 1 nipping for glass and ceramic).
  7. Small Sample Cleaving Pliers. Small sample cleaving pliers (GC-SS-100)
  8. Large 18X12” Cutting Mat-Self-healing, wafer cutting mat
  9. Small ruler mat-Self-healing, Small wafer piece ruler mat
  10. Clear plastic ruler with metric and US units
  11. Tungsten cleaving wire

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