Pi Sentinel PRO: A New Generation of the Traditional Particle Insight Instrument

Vision Analytical’s Pi Sentinel PRO is a new generation of traditional Particle Insight instruments. It is a best in class dynamic image analyzer ideal for applications in which particle shape, not only the particle size, might be vital to predict the quality of raw material and to realize a higher level of process control.

The morphology of particles provides crucial data related to the physical shape properties of the samples of users. It has been demonstrated that a particle’s shape impacts the flowability, dispersion, segregation, aggregate formation, packing density and microstructure character.

The fully automated Pi Sentinel PRO is now manipulated by an all-in-one computer. Thus, it is the best-suited research-grade instrument for a production process in which ease of use, precision, and speed can be ensured with its Pass or Fail shape control limits feature.

Dynamic Image/Particle Shape Analyzer

Dynamic Image/Particle Shape Analyzer

Image Credit: Vision Analytical

Principles of Operation

Particles are suspended homogeneously in a carrier liquid. They move through a thin flow cell in the optical path. Light is transmitted through the flow cell, thus projecting the silhouettes of the particles onto a high-resolution camera sensor.

The combination of a high-speed host computer and the high resolution and high frame rate of the camera enables the characterization of thousands of particles in just a second in real-time.

This technique is ideal for applications in which data associated with shape, and not only diameter, is vital to predicting the performance of the raw material.

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