Pi Mobile IPS: Dynamic Image Analyzer Incorporated into an Analysis Module

Vision Analytical’s Pi Mobile In-Process system is a sophisticated dynamic image analyzer in-built in an Analysis Module manipulated by a portable battery-powered control unit on a tether.

The system is best suited for applications where it is equally vital to track the shape and diameter of raw materials for on-line processes. It is crucial to ensure the same morphology to ensure the efficacy of the final product in different crystallization processes.

Using a high-resolution analytical tool that can offer ultimate information related to raw materials—for instance, crystals formed over time—is highly crucial. The Pi Mobile IPS has been designed specifically to support raw material manufacturing processes that require real-time feedback to take critical decisions related to the process.

The system can fetch a sealed sample from a reactor or process to perform direct analysis and return the analyzed sample to the process, or discard it as waste. The raw material is analyzed “on-line,” without any disturbance, close to the reactor or process.

Since the system is portable, the Analysis Module can be easily detached from one process and reconnected to another without any disturbance or substantial modification of customer resources. The analysis module is connected through a tether to ensure minimal dead-volume of the sample, which allows it to be close to the process while the control unit provides the user with unlimited access to the process.

The system is powered by a powerful battery with a smart charger/controller, thus keeping the battery fully charged at any time. This allows an uninterrupted duty cycle of 24/7/365.

The performance of the instrument is controlled by an all-in-one touchscreen computer, which also helps monitor the analysis of the raw materials.

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