High Pressure Diffusing with the HPD III

Clean Dry Air (CDA), Nitrogen, Argon and Carbon dioxide are all non-toxic and non-flammable gases that the HPD III can handle.

Particle counters have a difficult time sampling gas at pressures above sea level, such as 25–100 psi. Connecting a particle counter to pressured air or gas can cause the flowmetering system to fail and the instrument to be damaged.

Particle counting in compressed gas has been addressed by the development of High Pressure Diffusers (HPDs). By enabling some of the air/gas to flow out of the system, HPDs lower the pressure of the gas to around atmospheric pressure, allowing the Lasair III particle counter’s flow-metering system to perform as intended.

High Pressure Diffusing with the HPD III

Image Credit: Particle Measuring Systems


  • Clamps for mounting are included
  • Connects through male 4-VCR fitting
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Exhaust filer reduces the risk of contamination
  • No wearable moving parts


  • Atmospheric pressure particle counters for cost-effective monitoring of pressured gases
  • No external flow meters required
  • Four distinct variants at flow rates of 0.1 CFM, 1.0 CFM, 50 LPM, and 100 LPM
  • Low contamination, ISO Class I or II cleanliness (less than 5%)
  • Measures gases at pressures ranging from 25–100 psi (60–100 psi for 100 LPM)
  • Clean Dry Air, Argon, Nitrogen or other non-toxic inert gases can all be used


  • Compressed Gas

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