Nanalysis 100PRO Benchtop NMR Spectrometer

The Nanalysis 100PRO benchtop NMR spectrometer operates on the basis of the world’s most robust compact magnet platform at 100 MHz. This multi-channel benchtop NMR spectrometer has been designed to obtain high-performance 1D and 2D NMR data in a simple and fast manner. Apart from the standard 1H/19F, 1H/13C, and 1H/31P configurations, other nuclei options can be explored.

  • Offers superior sensitivity— samples can be run at sub-milli-molar concentrations
  • Ensures unparalleled stability—for example, extra thermal regulation and vibrational feet
  • Provides unmatched resolution—optimized chemical shift dispersion
  • Ergonomic display—maneuverable, large, easy-to-use external touchscreen computer

100PRO Optional Features

  • Instrument can be remotely controlled from smartphone, computer, tablet, etc.
  • Non-deuterium lock options
  • Experiment designer enables users to write their pulse programs
  • IQ/OQ/PQ protocols
  • Kinetics package potentials for monitoring reaction
  • Signal suppression
  • Users can develop their own applications using the Applications Programmatic Interface (API): refer to NMReady-CONNECT
  • Secure login and user profiles with custom project settings

Low Maintenance

The permanent magnet avoids the need for cryogens, preventative maintenance, or weekly servicing. The standard 5-mm NMR tubes and the automated shimming routines enable the 100e to be plugged into standard wall power and used daily without the need for expert staff to maintain it.

Multinuclear Capability

The utility of the Nanalysis 100PRO can be improved for characterizing a wide array of natural and synthetic complexes by inquiring about available nuclide configurations. Several spin-active nuclei such as 1H, 7Li, 11B, 13C, 15N, 19F, 29Si, 31P, and 129Xe can be observed.

Customizable Experience

The Nanalysis 100PRO instrument is preinstalled with various standard, fully adjustable experiments, enabling users to obtain results right away, as well as to customize parameters. The relative composition, purity, and reaction completeness can be monitored and evaluated right in the lab.

Quick and Easy-to-Use

Similar to other instruments in the NMReady series, the integrated touchscreen enables users to load standard experiments directly or to alter vital acquisition parameters. The built-in processing software allows the data to be worked up onboard. This data can then be easily exported for use with third-party programs, or printed. The matchless sensitivity of the Nanalysis 100PRO allows samples to be collected in just a few seconds.

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