DME Ultra-High Vacuum SPM - Versatile SPM for UHV

In high-end research AFM, performance and flexibility are the top design criteria. Common UHV SPMs are very specialized and far behind the ease of use of today’s standard AFMs or SPMs.

With the DME UHV SPM, we bring flexibility and usability into ultra high vacuum applications: Use the variety of standard AFM cantilevers for your UHV experiments and jump over the limitation of necessarity for specialized tips. Obtain highest physically possible resolved images.

The new Anchored Stage™ technology enables coarse movement between SPM tip and sample without any negative influence on system stability. With a mechanical loop of no more than 3 cm, you obtain the best possible single atomic resolution. DME has united the demand for ultimate performance with so far unknown level of handling comfort in the field of UHV SPM systems.

  • A remote controlled laser/detector alignment combined with a single linear transfer for sample and cantilever exchange supports extreme easy handling and highest throughput.
  • Encapsulated laser and detector electronics guarantee low noise and reliable detection of the cantilever deflection.
  • The approved RasterScope™ sample scanner technology stands for highest reliability and stability in the last decades.
  • An integrated CCD camera and optics enable a top down view onto the cantilever and the sample.
  • Direct visual access enable remote controlled XY tip-sample navigation via a software integrated video image.
  • The freely suspended, vibration isolated SPM stage guarantees artifact free measurements also in noisy environments.
  • A standard DN 250 CF flange mount enables an implementation as plug and play solution on your already existing UHV system or the operation in a stand alone UHV SPM system.
  • Two additional feed throughs are available for additional observation equipment or sample excitation by laser or other light sources.
  • By its laser deflection detection system, the DME UHV SPM is able to operate in all major SPM modes.
  • Frequency modulation (FM) based imaging modes support utilization of high Q cantilevers.
  • 4 free user defineable electrical feed-throughs on sample and cantilever side support many kinds of electrical measurements as well as usage of active cantilevers or other probes like thermal cantilevers, akiama probes, quartz tuning fork sensors or etched STM wire tips.

The DME UHV SPM means AFM measurements without compromises in ultra high vacuum. Achieve highest sample throughputs and measurement comfort nearly like in air. The new DME UHV SPM will multiplicate your working speed under UHV conditions.

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