DME BRR Microscope - Hybrid SEM / AFM

The BRR microscope from DME is a unification of a scanning electron microscope with an atomic force microscope. It unites the best of both worlds without making performance compromises for both components. The following properties make the BRR microscope a worldwide unique system:

  • Is based on the DME UHV AFM and the Carl Zeiss Auriga® Crossbeam Workstation
  • The crossbeam point of SEM and FIB lies at the cantilever tip. The design as a sample scanner allows combination measurements of all three techniques at exactly the same point in space and on the sample
  • Single software interface for both SEM and AFM components
  • SEM viewing angle from 0° to 85° while keeping minimum SEM working distance of 5 mm
  • Cantilever tip and sample can be reached by FIB in 0° and 54° position, in-situ tip sharpening by FIB supported
  • Common data storage of AFM and SEM images
  • Supports easy change between AFM and standard Auriga® functionality by user exchangable SEM door
  • Unlimited functionality by using all standard AFM cantilevers, no active probes required
  • Supports all common AFM operation modes
  • Extremely stable scan unit designed for three dimensional single atomic resolution
  • Automatic laser / detector alignment on cantilever change
  • Update of existing Auriga® SEMs to BRR functionality possible by simple door exchange
  • Scanner Specification: Scan range (X x Y x Z) 10 µm x 10 µm x 1 µm, real resolution subatomic in all three dimensions

The AFM component of the BRR is equipped with a classical laser deflection detection, which has been adopted to allow a very short working distance for the SEM column of 5 mm. While keeping this working distance, the AFM can be tilted from 0° to about 85°, to make both a top view and a side view possible. An extremely short mechanical loop from tip to sample guarantees highest stability. The scanner provides real single atomic resolution in all three dimensions.

Last but not least the integrated software frontend guarantees a safe and smooth work flow as well as supports easy collection and combination of the different types of measurement data.

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