Discovery Hybrid Rheometer (DHR) with Patented Drag Cup Motor

TA Instruments has introduced Discovery Hybrid Rheometer (DHR), an advanced single-head rheometer platform that has excellent performance specification and provides unparalleled direct stress control, direct strain control, and normal force measurement precision.

The DHR system features the latest hybrid technology, which integrates a patented drag cup motor, magnetic thrust bearing, patent- pending optical encoder dual-reader, force rebalance transducer (FRT), and true position sensor (TPS) into a single-head rheometer.

The optical encoder dual-reader offers excellent resolution of better than 2 nanoradians, while improving phase resolution and eliminating drift. Second-generation magnetic thrust bearing can measure down to 0.5nN.m of torque; it is more rugged and not affected by contamination when compared to air- bearings. A high-resolution linear position sensor makes real-time gap corrections for movement caused by thermal expansion.

The DHR system also features the popular TA innovations such as Smart Swap™ temperature systems and patented Smart Swap™ geometries.

Key Features

The main features of the Discovery Hybrid Rheometer are as follows:

  • Accurate strain and phase angle data
  • Stable and precise gap measurements at all times
  • Improved low torque performance and stability
  • Superior normal and axial force performance
  • Smart Swap™ geometries
  • Smart Swap™ temperature systems and options
  • Single-piece casting and liner slide
  • Color display
  • Wide range of accessories available

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