High Performance Electron-beam Lithography System SB254

Vistec’s SB254  is a fully automated, high performance, cost-effective electron-beam lithography system designed for use in both industry and advanced research. Based on the Variable Shaped Beam (VSB) principle, these tools are utilized in a wide range of existing and emerging semiconductor and nanotechnology applications including silicon direct write, compound semiconductor, mask making, integrated optics, and silicon photonics

The Vistec SB254 is a reliable, field-proven system with high throughput rates suitable for 24/7 production environments. Numerous worldwide installations are supported by an efficient international service organization.

Key Features

The main features of the Vistec SB254 are:

  • A range of substrate sizes and types  (Wafers up to 200mm and Masks up to 7 inch)
  • Substrate materials cover a huge variety of all commonly used materials, especially compound semiconductor materials as GaAs, GaN on SiC, Si, InP e.g.
  • Mark Detection Software Package (MDSP) for Mix & Match
  • High accuracy field, and keystone correction.
  • Multipass writing.
  • Substrate edge detection – mask/wafer.
  • Dedicated, powerful layout data preparation station covering both hardware & software with ePlace® (up to 256 CPU cores) for fracturing as well as Proximity Effect Correction (PROXECCO).
  • Graphical User Interface (GUI) compliant to SEMI E95.
  • Fully automated substrate handling including pre-alignment: substrates taken from and returned to a SMIF pod.
  • Minimum feature size < 20nm (HSQ).
  • Cell Projection (optional).


Other Equipment