High Performance Electron-beam Lithography System by Vistec – Model SB254

The Vistec SB254 is an advanced electron-beam lithography system that allows the usage for direct write and mask making for a wide range of applications in applied research and industry. The system is cost-effective and delivers excellent performance.

This electron-beam lithography system represents the latest development of the field-proven and successful Vistec SB254 series. The system comes with an optional Variable Shaped Beam/Cell Projection features.

Key Features

The main features of the Vistec SB254 are:

  • Substrate edge detection - mask/wafer.
  • Substrate handling - substrate holders with bottom reference, fully automated through Cassette-to-Cassette of SMIF and substrate, pre-alignment, and top reference holders.
  • Mix & Match - Mark Detection Software Package (MDSP), high accuracy field, and key stone correction; and high accuracy field.
  • Minimum feature size - < 20nm (HSQ).
  • Cell Projection (optional).
  • Layout data prep station (optional).

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