Transforming Carl Zeiss SteREO Discovery Stereomicroscopes into Single-Channel Zoom Microscope

The Carl Zeiss SteREO Discovery range of stereomicroscopes can now be transformed into a single-channel zoom microscope at the touch of a button with a coded, three-position nosepiece and motorized Y intermediate tube.

SteREO Discovery stereomicroscopes acquire Single-channel Capability

On the SteREO Discovery.V20, a continuously variable magnification range of up to 233:1 provides users with high quality, 3D images, convenient binocular observation at maximum resolution, and parallax-free documentation over the entire magnification range. Fast and reliable zooming into object details with a structure width of up to 0.5 micrometers is possible from low-power magnifications with a field diameter of up to 11 millimeters.

The new Parfocality Manager ensures that the microscope image always remains exactly in focusm even after a change of objective. Furthermore, beam delivery of the overall system is automatically adjusted on the nosepiece after the change between stereo observation and parallax-free, single-channel vertical observation. This guarantees permanent binocular observation in both 3D and 2D.

These changes will be welcomed by users in industrial production control and quality assurance where inspection, documentation and the measurement of structures and components are part of everyday routine and speed and precision are highly valued.

Other improvements in the SteREO Discovery have also been implemented at the same time. The ring illuminators developed for the nosepiece ensure consistent reflected-light illumination without annoying cables and light guides and the system's light manager function automatically adapts the brightness to the magnification used.

Equipped with the AxioCam digital microscope camera and the AxioVision software, the SteREO Discovery.V20 is particularly well-suited for observation and the professional documentation of materials and components.

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