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Application Focussed Evolution of ZEISS EVO® SEM Series Pushing Limits in Materials and Life Science Microscopy

Carl Zeiss SMT presents at Microscopy & Analysis 2007 the newly designed and substantially improved EVO® MA and EVO® LS microscope series. These scanning electron microscopes (SEM) are introduced to meet the ever increasing application demands in Materials Analysis and Life Sciences. Building upon the foundations laid by the successful EVO® series, the MA and LS series reveal application orientated imaging solutions while raising ease of use and sample navigation to a new level within a stylish user environment. With SmartSEM™ as an integral part of the EVO® solution offering, the user interface caters to all skill levels to provide a productive user experience.

The MA microscopes

The Materials Analysis community will be attracted to the MA series of EVO® SEMs that comprises three variable pressure microscopes. Differing by chamber size, the three microscopes are MA 10, MA 15, and MA 25. The MA 10 is a utility microscope with a large chamber. The MA 15 is an analytical SEM with larger stage movements and a port, provided as standard, for the addition of a WDS facility. The MA 25 features the largest chamber of its class with the ability to handle 25 cm tall specimens.

All MA microscopes can be adapted to particular applications by the use of the BeamSleeve®, LaB6 sources, water vapour charge compensation and the Extended Pressure package.

The LS microscopes

The Life Science community will recognise the LS series of scanning electron microscopes as appropriate for their particular demands. The three microscopes are LS 10, LS 15, and LS 25, differing in chamber size as the MA series. All three are high-end environmental SEMs capable of imaging delicate hydrated life science specimens by maintaining a humid atmosphere at the specimen.

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