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LOT-Oriel Announces Availability of Ambios Q-Scope Scanning Probe Microscope

LOT-Oriel are proud to announce the availability of Ambios Q-Scope™ Scanning Probe Microscope - the industry's most cost-effective, complete, and turnkey SPM/AFM systems available

The Q-Scope™ family of Scanning Probe Microscope (SPM) features a totally modular design approach which delivers unmatched versatility and utility. Common to all models are the Q-Scan™ interchangeable scan head and our proprietary DSP control electronics. Standard Q-Scope models can then be configured using various sample stages, bases, software and scan accessories to tailor a specific instrument configuration to meet an individual customer's application requirements.

  • Scan Range Choices - Interchangeable Q-Scan™ AFM scanning assemblies offer scan ranges from submicron to 200µm in X and Y and up to 17µm in Z.
  • Fast Scan Rates - Scanning can be performed at rates as high as 20Hz, greatly reducing data acquisition times.
  • High Precision Measurements - The Metrology option adds proprietary sensors to the scan module to accurately measure the precise position of the probe tip in X, Y, and Z axes. This capability is available on all models and improves positional precision of the acquired measurements to better than 1%.
  • Sample Handling Flexibility - Manual or motorized sample translation stages are available on the Q-Scope. Sample sizes up to 240mm diameter can be accommodated.

For more information please go to or contact Heath Young on 01372 378822, e-mail [email protected]

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