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Oxford Instruments Receives Order for State-of-the Art High Field Magnet from Diamond Light Source

Oxford Instruments has received an order for state-of-the-art high field magnet from Diamond Light Source for ultra high vacuum experiments. This order is for a 14 T split pair superconducting magnet, which will provide a high magnetic and low temperature (<1.5 K) sample environment during experiments when a sample will be exposed to an x-ray beam under ultra high vacuum. It will be used on the new I10 Beamline for Advanced Dichroism Experiments (BLADE) at Diamond Light Source (Oxfordshire, UK) and dedicated to soft x-ray magnetic spectroscopy.

To allow fast ramping of the magnetic field, this magnet will be constructed using Oxford Instruments' innovative Nb3Sn superconducting wire, developed as part of its contract to supply 58 tonnes of wire to the ITER project. It will also be fitted with a recondensing cryostat which considerably decreases the liquid helium consumption of such powerful superconducting magnets while enabling stringent magnet designs. Recondensing technology uses a cryocooler to capture evaporated gas and turn it back into liquid helium.

Last year Oxford Instruments supplied the ISIS neutron source, situated on the same site as Diamond, with two high field split pair magnets fitted with these recondensing systems- a 9 T wide-angle and a 14 T at 4.2 K.

The Diamond BLADE magnet will also be of very clean construction as it will work in a ultra high vacuum (UHV) environment, building on capabilities, processes and facilities which Oxford Instruments has developed over the last two years to allow the cleanest construction of magnets and ultra low temperature inserts.

John Burgoyne, Manager of the Magnets Business Group at Oxford Instruments says: "Working with customers at the leading edge of science and technology such as Diamond Light Source, the ISIS neutron source and many other world-leading research institutes and facilities whose requirements constantly drive and challenge our own technology development, continuously enhances our expertise in advanced superconducting magnet systems. In particular we are pleased to be able to build upon our strengths in high field recondensing magnet systems for beamline applications with this order.

We are delighted to have this opportunity to work closely with the Diamond team and to be a part of the UK and local economy which both supports and benefits from this world-class science base in the UK".

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