Effortless Microscopy of Large Samples

Carl Zeiss offers the Axio Imager Vario microscope module in particular for tasks in industry where large samples such as solar cells, wafers, flat panel screens or printed circuit boards have to be examined under the microscope with various contrasting methods.

The sample space of the Axio Imager Vario has been adapted to object sizes with up to 300 mm lateral and up to 250 mm vertical extension. This microscope combines the excellent optics and high functionality of the Axio Imager 2 upright microscopes with a stably designed column construction. Highly precise guide-ways ensure exact adaptation of the sample area in the z direction. Sample stages with travel distances of up to 300 mm can be used on the stable aluminum base plate.

The microscope module is available in three versions. The Axio Imager.A2 Vario is a manual/ encoded microscope module featuring a motorized turret focus. Axio Imager.Z2 Vario can be fully motorized and also features a motorized turret focus. In addition to these two versions, a third, also fully motorizable variant without a focus drive is also offered. This makes it particularly suitable for OEM clients who wish to utilize an external focus drive.

The reflected light illuminator with apochromatically corrected field lens ensures homogeneous illumination of the field of view, high contrast for all contrasting methods and maximum light yield. The binocular comfort ergo phototube delivers an upright, unreversed image. An optimal viewing angle and several degrees of freedom for adaptation to the user allow fatigue-free, comfortable work, also over long periods of use.

The Axio Imager Vario microscope module can be combined with AxioCam microscope cameras and AxioVision software for optimal results in image recording, documentation and archiving.


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