Asylum Research Opens New OnLine AFM/SPM Probe Store

Asylum Research, the technology leader in scanning probe/atomic force microscopy (AFM/SPM), announces that its new automated AFM/SPM Probe Store is now online.

Asylum’s Probe Store provides easy search/sort, selection, quotation and purchase of hundreds of AFM/SPM Probes. Detailed descriptions, specifications and SEM images are provided for each probe model.

The probe store provides simple search, sort, selection, quotation and purchase for a wide variety of different probes. Probe sort/search can be performed in seconds by application (e.g. biology, force measurements, electrical probing, steep sidewalls etc), type (e.g. contact, AC/tapping, coating, length), length, frequency, tip radius, composition/material, spring constant and more. Asylum’s Probe Store offers hundreds of different probe types for every application, including Asylum’s own line of probes as well as probes manufactured by Olympus, NanoWorld, Nanosensors, and SmartTip. Detailed description, specifications, and SEM images of each probe are provided. The Store can be found here. Asylum is also offering a Summer Kickoff Special: Through July 31, purchasers of any probe 10 pack will receive 2 probes free.

Hector Cavazos, Probe Manager at Asylum Research, commented, “We are pleased to offer this exciting new service to our customers to meet their imaging and measurement needs. Although we have offered AFM probes for some time, the new Probe Store provides a simple and fast interface for proper probe selection, quotation and direct ordering. We encourage our AFM customers, as well as researchers using other systems to browse our site and take advantage of olur Kickoff Special.”

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