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Hiden Release Workstation for UHV Temperature Pprogrammed Desorption Studies

The new TPD Workstation from Hiden Analytical is a complete turnkey station for UHV temperature programmed desorption studies and is suited to both quality control and to research applications. Applicable technologies include photovoltaics, metallurgy and semiconductor and thin-film studies.

The sample heating stage is fully programmable to 1000°C and is mounted within a stainless steel bellows-sealed linear drive for precise sample positioning close to the mass spectrometer analyser. The system features the fast, Hiden 3F/PIC quadrupole with pulse ion counting detection for highest sensitivity together with data collection rates in excess of 500 data points per second.

The close sample-to-analyser proximity ensures high collection efficiency and enables routine operation with sample size of just 1 The integrated Hiden TPD thermal analysis software provides complete control of experimental protocols including sample temperature, analyser parameters and data acquisition and display. The TPD analysis routines include peak integration and peak de-convolution, with real-time data views in 3D illustrating species evolved both with temperature and with time.

The system is totally UHV compatible, with a fast sample load lock and easy-glide magnetic transfer mechanism for ultimate vacuum integrity. Positive sample placement is directly onto the horizontal heater surface, aided by the three viewports and the high-intensity illuminator. A thermocouple contacts directly to the sample for positive thermal control, and internal water cooled heat-shields inhibit degassing due to radiant heat.

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