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Hiden's HPR-60 for Analysis of Neutrals, Radicals and Ions

The HPR-60 molecular beam mass spectrometer from Hiden is a system for studying neutrals, ions and radicals. It is a handy skimmer inlet MS for the examination of atmospheric plasma and reactive gas phase intermediates.


  • Quantitative analysis of reactive gas species


The sampling of radicals is done via a multistage differentially pumped skimmer inlet and moved to the MS ion source with minimal interaction with other species and without wall collisions. Inlets that are customizable allow connection to many different reactor systems, like atmospheric plasmas.

The skimmer system, integrated with a Hiden triple filter precision mass spectrometer, provides a sampling system with high precision and super-fast response.


  • Molecular beam sampling can be performed at atmospheric pressure
  • +ve and –ve ion analysis
  • APSI-MS soft ionization mode available for radicals analysis
  • User-replaceable skimmer cones (can be biased)
  • Electron attachment ionization mode for the study of electro-negative radicals
  • Energy range options: 100 eV or 1000 eV
  • Mass range options: 300, 510 or 1000 amu

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