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EQS: System for Analysis of Secondary Positive and Negative Ions from Solid Samples from Hiden Analytical

The Hiden EQS is a high transmission quadrupole secondary ion mass spectrometry, SIMS, detector including a 45° electrostatic sector for simultaneous ion energy analysis.

It is basically a system for testing secondary positive and negative ions from solid samples. Ions are collected on the axis of the device. This feature makes it ideal for fitting as an after-market detector to a range of surface analysis instrumentation.

Additionally the standard EQS can also be used to monitor the residual gas with the help of an in-built electron impact ionizer. This can be used for detection of sputtered neutrals.

Key Features

The main features of the EQS are:

  • High sensitivity pulse ion counting detector with seven decade dynamic range
  • Raster control for improved depth profiling and imaging with integrated signal gating
  • Triple filter quadrupole, mass options to 2500amu
  • 45° electrostatic sector analyser, scan energy at 0.05eV increments/ 0.25eV FWHM
  • Differentially pumped option for use in high pressure environments
  • Penning gauge and interlocks to provide over pressure protection
  • Minimal perturbation of ion flight path and constant ion transmission at all energies
  • MASsoft control via RS485, RS232 or Ethernet LAN
  • Can be easily interfaced to currently available systems


The main applications of the EQS are listed below:

  • Catalysis
  • Surface analysis
  • Surface science
  • Thin film and surface engineering

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