Molecular Beam Epitaxy with the HALO 201 MBE

The HALO 201 MBE is a gas analysis system for molecular beam epitaxy applications. Hiden’s HALO systems are intended for RGA, gas analysis and process monitoring applications such as leak detection, trend analysis and vacuum survey.


  • Solar cells
  • Semiconductor production
  • Quantum Nanostructure fabrication


The MBE-specific analyzers are made of suitable materials and are designed for long-term use in MBE conditions, with molybdenum wire in place of copper and a contamination-resistant ion source shroud as standard.


  • Ion source shroud that is resistant to contamination
  • RGA operation with a thermal extender during bakeout
  • Electron multiplier with two Faraday plates and a channelplate
  • In MBE situations, molybdenum wire is used instead of copper wiring to extend the life of RGA systems
  • 2 × 10-13 mbar minimum detectable partial pressure

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