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EPIC: System for UHV Analysis of Neutrals, Radicals and Ions from Hiden Analytical

The Hiden EPIC and IDP are designed with the features of high performance RGAs and additionally provided with negative ion capability and pole bias mid-axis potential, thereby making them exceptional research grade mass spectrometers.

Key Features

The main features of the EPIC are given below:

  • Mass range options to 2500amu, 6 or 9mm pole diameter options
  • Improved long-term stability with less than ±0.5% height variation over 24h
  • Improved sensitivity for high mass transmission and automatic mass scale alignment
  • Pulse ion counter for continuous 1: 107 c/s decade dynamic range
  • Ion source control for soft ionisation and appearance potential mass spectrometry
  • Ion energy distribution by mid-axis potential scanning ±100 V, 1000eV option
  • Wide dynamic range - 5x1010 c/s with Faraday option
  • Improved contamination resistance via the RF-only pre-filter stage
  • Temperature reading integrated into data displays for thermal desorption applications
  • Signal gating 100ns resolution for energy and mass distributions vs time or TOF studies
  • MASsoft control via RS232, USB or Ethernet LAN
  • Upgradeable to plasma / SIMS specification
  • Integral UHV compatible shroud, liquid nitrogen cooled shroud option


The EPIC is used in the following areas:

  • Catalysis
  • Surface science
  • Thin film and surface engineering
  • Molecular beam studies

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