Asylum Research Conducts Nanomechanics Classes to Benefit AFM Users

Asylum Research, a company that provides scanning probe/atomic force microscopy (AFM/SPM) solutions, has declared that they are conducting nanomechanics classes from August 16-18, 2011 in California.

The class will benefit AFM users belonging to the beginner-to-intermediate level, who wish to get a deeper understanding of nanomechanical characterization practices, instrumented nano-indenting and instrumentation using AFM. In this session, presentation of topics will be in the form of both hands-on experiments and lectures elaborating on AFM instrumentation, theory, and contact-mechanics models.

President of Asylum Research, Roger Proksch, stated that the company has introduced this session as AFM is being popularly used in a broad range of applications such as polymers and biomechanics. He added that the practical sessions will show how to take accurate measurements using AFM instrumentation.

Some of the topics handled in the class include general nanomechanics, principles of AFM, force measurements and material properties, instrumented nanoindentation, phase imaging and dissipation, choosing cantilevers for specific scan methods, contact resonance imaging, force modulation, and multifrequency imaging modes.

Featured Asylum Research equipment such as the MFP NanoIndenter, the Cypher AFM, and the MFP-3D AFM would be demonstrated in hands-on equipments labs. The MFP NanoIndenter can be used for making quantitative measurements and cantilevers are not used in the indenting mechanism. The MFP-3D AFM provides closed loop accuracy and precision with a wide range of AFM/SPM features.


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