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Witec Introduce Multi-Wavelength Excitation-Laser Coupling for Their Microscopes

With the most recent introduction of a new multi-wavelength excitation-laser coupling unit WITec has further advanced the ease-of-use of its microscope series. It is now possible to switch between up to three laser sources by the simple rotation of a filter wheel. Calibration and alignment of the laser beam path is guaranteed at all positions assuring the most accurate and variable Raman Imaging system available on the market.

Each excitation wavelength features a high-quality and wavelength optimized filter set, enabling the highest throughput and greatly contributes to the exceptional speed and sensitivity of WITec's systems. Experiments specifically requiring a variety of lasers, for example, to eliminate fluorescence can benefit from such a multi-laser setup, making the alpha300 and alpha500 series even more versatile and applicable to a wide range of applications.

About the WITec Microscopy Series

The WITec microscopy series features scanning probe as well as high resolution optical and Raman microscopy techniques in either a single instrument or combined system configurations for the highest flexibility throughout a wide range of microscopy applications.

For example, it is possible to start with Confocal Raman Microscopy and upgrade later to Atomic Force Microscopy or vice versa. With such a combined instrument, chemical information can be directly linked to structural AFM information from the same sample area using only one instrument. For high-resolution optical information, the system can even be equipped with SNOM capabilities.

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