Piezo Motor Powers High Resolution, Low Profile Rotation Table

PI (Physik Instrumente) L.P. - a leading manufacturer of precision motion control systems - has released a higher-precision version of its M-660 low profile rotary table.

8X Higher Resolution, Same Low Profile
Driven by piezo motors which enable the very low profile of only 14 mm (0.6in), the new model is equipped with a high accuracy direct measuring encoder and provides 8 times the position resolution of the existing version.

Self-Clamping Ceramic Motor, Direct Drive, Direct Encoder, High Speed
The M-660 rotary table can accelerate to velocities of 720 degrees/sec. and its directly coupled precision optical encoder resolves positions down to 4 µrad (0.00023°), providing phase-lag-free, backlash-free feedback to the servo controller. Its self-clamping ceramic drive provides very high stability, with no energy consumption at rest and no heat generation.

Applications: Semiconductor/ Test Equipment, Metrology, Optical Instrumentation

Features & Advantages

  • Very Low Profile for Easy Integration: Only 14 mm (0.6")
  • Backlash-Free Direct Drive and Direct Metrology Optical Encoder
  • 4 µrad Resolution (0.00023°)
  • Max. Velocity 720 °/s, Unlimited Travel Range
  • Self-Locking Ceramic Direct Drive: Energy Saving & High Position Stability
  • PILine Motor Principle is Non-Magnetic & Vacuum-Compatible

Datasheets & More Information on the M-660 Rotary Table:

Low Inertia Ceramic Drive Improves Start/Stop Behavior and Speed Control
Mass and inertia were reduced significantly compared to conventional rotation stages, due to the light-weight direct-drive ceramic motor, operating without gears or magnets. The net result is very fast start/stop behavior, precise bidirectional speed and position control, which is critical for high speed motion contouring. These features make the M-660 outperform the stability, acceleration and settling speed of traditional servo motor direct drives and gear-driven mechanisms.

Software Support, Optimized Motion Controller
A special motion controller for piezo motors is available to take full advantage of the specific motion characteristics of ultrasonic ceramic motors. USB interfacing and a solid software and driver package (LabView, Matlab, etc) for seamless integration are included.


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