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PI miCos Release New Compact, High Resolution Linear Positioning Stages

High positioning resolution and smallest dimensions are the key features of this new series of linear and rotary positioning systems from PI miCos.

High positioning resolution and smallest dimensions are important characteristics of the new series of linear and rotary positions systems. For XY linear or XYƟZ configurations with rotary stages, the stages can be stacked directly without adapter

With a width of only 22 mm, travel ranges of up to 26 mm and a resolution to 1 nm in closed-loop operation, the LPS-22 is one of the smallest precision linear stages available on the market. Small in size, these linear stages achieve nevertheless velocities of up to 10 mm/s.
The rotary stages of the RPS series, the smallest diameter of the rotating platform being at 14 mm, attain velocities of up to 45°/s.

These miniature linear and rotary stages are piezomotor-based drives. Thanks to this drive principle, small stages sizes with high resolution can be realized, making this series perfectly suited for precision positioning in applications where space is limited and for vacuum environments to 10-9 hPa.

The linear and rotary stages can be stacked directly to XY linear or XYƟZ configurations with rotary stages, no adapter is needed for this.

For closed-loop and open-loop operation, suitable drivers and mo-tion controllers are available. These range from OEM boards with-out case and bench-top devices to multi-axis systems. User soft-ware and drivers for programming Windows or LabView applications are included in the scope of delivery.

PI miCos in Brief

miCos GmbH was founded in Eschbach near Freiburg, Germa-ny, in 1990. As PI miCos, it now belongs to PI Group (Physik In-strumente), located in Karlsruhe, Germany. With currently more than 50 employees, the company develops, produces and markets innovative motion systems and components for high-precision positioning applications throughout the world. A main focus is on optical metrology in research and industry. For this purpose, PI miCos offers customized system solutions with multiple axes in addition to a comprehensive standard program. Wide-ranging application know-how guarantees the implementation of technically demanding solutions. Flexible positioning systems for ultrahigh vacuum applications are a good example of this, as are parallel-kinematic Hexapods with six degrees of freedom and systems with air bearing axes for highest running accuracy.

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