Oxford Instruments Asylum Research Announces New SurfRider Econo Board Probes for Routine AFM Measurements

Get ready to surf your sample with new economical atomic force microscope (AFM) probes. “Econo Board™ Probes” are the first group of probes released from Asylum Research’s new line of SurfRider™ Probes.

They are budget-priced probes that rival the performance of more expensive premium probes, making them suitable for nearly all routine AFM measurements. As the probes are inexpensive, they are also perfect for training or education; an occasional tip crash “wipeout” won’t break the budget!

Econo Board Probes are available in eight different models covering resonance frequencies ranging from 13 to 300 kHz.  Econo Board probes come in PtIr coated and non-coated models. They are ideal for all AFM brands, models, and modes including tapping mode, force modulation, contact mode, and nanoelectrical and nanomechanical characterization modes.

Econo Board probes can be used by all AFM users doing routine measurements. We’re excited to now offer not only an economical probe, but one that can be used for many advanced modes. When you buy probes from Asylum Research, you are assured that the industry’s best customer support team will help you select the optimal probe for your sample and experiment.

Teimour Maleki, Director of MEMs and Business Technology at Asylum Research

Special introductory pricing is now available for Econo Board Probes. See www.oxford-instruments.com/EconoBoardProbes for details.

About Oxford Instruments Asylum Research

Oxford Instruments Asylum Research is the technology leader in atomic force microscopy for both materials and bioscience research. Asylum Research AFMs are widely used by both academic and industrial researchers for characterizing samples from diverse fields spanning material science, polymers, thin films, energy research, and biophysics. In addition to routine imaging of sample topography and roughness, Asylum Research AFMs also offer unmatched resolution and quantitative measurement capability for nanoelectrical, nanomechanical and electromechanical characterization. Recent advances have made these measurements far simpler and more automated for increased consistency and productivity.  Its Cypher™ and MFP-3D™ AFM product lines span a wide range of performance and budgets.  Asylum Research also offers its exclusive SurfRider™ AFM probes among a comprehensive selection of AFM probes, accessories, and consumables. Sales, applications and service offices are located in the United States, Germany, United Kingdom, Japan, France, India, China and Taiwan, with distributor offices in other global regions.

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