KLA Instruments™ Announces Next-Generation Filmetrics® Profilm3D® Optical Profiler

Today, KLA Instruments™ announced the next generation of the Filmetrics® Profilm3D® optical profiler. The new Profilm3D and Profilm3D-200 offer additional capabilities beyond the current white light interferometry (WLI) and phase shift interferometry (PSI), including Enhanced Roughness Mode, TotalFocus™ infinite depth-of-field imaging, and True-Color imaging. 

The Profilm3D’s new Enhanced Roughness mode quickly and simultaneously resolves both the low reflectivity textured Si surface and the structure and texture of the high contrast aluminum electrode wires. Image Credit: KLA Instruments

“What excites me about the new Profilm3D is that the Filmetrics group has been able to consistently add new functionality to the original platform, while maintaining the tool’s accessibility to a wide audience with its competitive price point.” says Oskar Amster, Sr. Strategic Marketing Manager for KLA Instruments. “Normally to get this expanded functionality for your surface measurements, you will either need multiple tools or will need to spend a higher amount per tool. The Profilm3D platform itself is relatively new to the market, yet, KLA’s value towards innovation and its drive to be better has led to a continuous improvement in our technology, making it one of the fastest growing products in our portfolio. The ease-of-use and collaborative opportunities presented by our analysis software ProfilmOnline® makes the tool a compelling buy for those in the benchtop surface metrology space.”

KLA Instruments optical profilers serve multiple industries, including solar and display, compound semiconductors, data storage, biomedical, automotive, aerospace, metal/glass/ceramics manufacturing, academic and industrial research, and much more. The newest generation of the Filmetrics Profilm3D provides many advantages over its competitors, most notably the high quality measurement data combined with an affordable price point, while expressly avoiding the steep learning curve typical of other products. The powerful, all-in-one capabilities of the Profilm3D mean that it meets the metrology requirements of development engineers but with a streamlined setup and user interface that technicians can use to quickly deliver results. Learn More è Link to www.kla.com/advance/innovation/rougher-surfaces-steeper-slopes-navigating-the-high-performance-capability-of-the-new-generation-filmetrics-profilm3d

Source: https://www.kla.com/


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