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Hiden Analytical Introduce The HPR-30 Process Gas Analysers

A new monobloc assembly on the Hiden Analytical HPR-30 series of process gas analysers provides twin conductance paths allowing base pressure measurements and process measurements with the same configuration. Advanced control with auto-switching of the twin inlets via the MASsoft operating program enables this dual monitoring role to be completed without user intervention. In reactive sputtering applications, for example, the system switches automatically from base pressure fingerprinting and vacuum diagnostics functions to monitoring of the reactive gases at process pressure, with real-time signal output for integration with the operating systems to maintain stable and repeatable processing.

The HPR-30 is fully configurable for individual process applications such as CVD, plasma etching, MOCVD, process gas purity and in-process contaminant monitoring. The system features a close-coupled re-entrant aperture for sampling directly within the process region, providing maximum data integrity and fast confirmation of process status. Options include the innovative Hiden 3F series triple filter quadrupole system providing enhanced abundance sensitivity, part-per-billion(ppb) detection levels and high contamination resistance, particularly suited to the analysis of aggressive gases in CVD and RIE applications.

The analyser, as with all Hiden systems, provides for robust, reliable operation with an easy, bolt-on installation.

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