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New Family of High Performance Direct-Drive Rotary Stages

PI is introducing a new series of direct-drive, ball bearing rotary stages to supplement their A-62x series of air bearing spindles. The V-62x stage family is designed for 24/7 applications that require high precision motion with eccentricity and flatness deviations below 1 µm and high stiffness. The new rotary stage family can be mounted and operated in any orientation, a critical feature for many industrial automation applications.

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Designed for a New Level of Precision and Performance

Based on PI’s extensive knowledge in the design and manufacture of ultra-high-precision rotary tables with air bearings, the new V-62x mechanical bearing rotary stages were designed to provide exceptional performance regarding travel accuracy, flatness, and wobble. The ultra-precise deep groove ball bearings are preloaded and lubricated prior to delivery, meaning they are maintenance-free for the whole lifetime of the rotation stage.

Direct-Drive Torque Motor - Friction and Maintenance Free

Three-phase torque motors are at the heart of the direct-drive rotary stages, transmitting torque directly and friction-free to the motion platform. Advantages of a direct-drive design over a worm gear drive are higher velocity and acceleration, faster response, as well as the total lack of backlash and no friction in the drive train.

Choice of Encoders: Absolute and Incremental

Absolute encoders supply explicit position information that enables the direct determination of each angular position – a great advantage over the traditional counting of increments. Therefore, position information is immediately available after power up without referencing, improving both efficiency and safety during operation.

Motion Controllers

Single and multi-axis, ACS-based motion controllers and servo drives are available for single axis applications of the rotary stages or multi-axis, multi-degree-of-freedom sub-assemblies — also available from PI.

Application Fields

Optics and Photonics, Sample Inspection, Metrology, Semiconductor Testing & Inspection, Industrial Automation, Measuring Technology, Precision Micro-Assembly, Biotechnology.

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