Asylum Research to Co-Host AFM Forum and Workshop at UCD Ireland

Asylum Research, in conjunction with University College Dublin (UCD) and the Nanoscale Function Group, will host the AFM Forum and Workshop Nov. 20-21 at UCD Ireland. The Forum will combine talks from leading researchers on both materials and life science applications in AFM as well as instructional sessions using Asylum Research's MFP-3D(TM) AFM. The event is open to all researchers in the field of AFM.

"This conference will bring together many of the top AFM scientists in the region carrying out leading research in materials and life sciences," said Professor Suzi Jarvis, Principal Investigator of the Nanoscale Function Group at UCD. "The instrument education sessions will also give scientists a tremendous opportunity to learn about important new techniques that they can use in their research."

"The Nanoscale Function Group conducts cutting-edge scanning probe research and we are pleased to be teaming with them for the workshop. Since the Group has a number of advanced MFP-3D AFMs in their lab, this will be an ideal chance for researchers to 'ask an expert' on a variety of AFM topics while viewing the actual techniques during instrument operation," said Dr. Jason Cleveland, CEO of Asylum Research.

The AFM Forum is currently accepting abstracts for the materials/life science lecture sessions and the poster session. In addition, registrants may submit their AFM images for the image contest. An iPod Nano will be awarded for the image that best represents innovative science and has the "cool" factor.

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