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Hiden Launch Caesium Ion Gun for Measurement of Electronegative Elements

Hiden Analytical introduce the new IG-5C Caesium Ion Gun for primary ion beam applications in SIMS measurement of electronegative elements and for caesium cluster analyses. With unique low-power, high-brightness ion source, compact ion column and beam steering module the gun proves ideally suited to dynamic, static and imaging SIMS.

The intense beam of caesium ions produced from the surface ionisation source is highly focussed and generates a spot size adjustable down to just 20 micron. The ion source assembly is compact, self-aligning and simple to replace. Beam energy is variable from 5kev to 0.5kev, with beam currents to 150nA. The mounting flange is the 2.75inch/70mm diameter Conflat-type flange and the unit is differentially pumped to maintain true UHV pressures.

Control of the IG-5C is via a PC-based interface allowing easy and reproducible set up. The interface controls the electrode parameters and thermal management of the ion source, and provides configuration options for both high current and small spot applications. The beam raster can be externally driven with a minimum sweep time of 64 microsecond and through a beam deflection of +/-4mm. An internal preset raster is additionally provided for surface preparation treatments. Direct coupling with a Hiden MAXIM or EQS SIMS detector enables automated signal gating for acquisition of data and surface imaging from any pre-defined area within the total scanned surface.

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