College of Pharmacy, University of Kentucky

907 Rose St
KY, 40536-0082
United States
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Company Background

The faculty, graduate students, postdoctoral scholars and staff who comprise the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences at the University of Kentucky College of Pharmacy are engaged in a broad array of pharmaceutical research topics ranging from studies of fundamental mechanisms of disease and drug action to new drug design and development.

The research and graduate postdoctoral training activities and interdisciplinary are organized into four focus areas: (1) drug discovery and design; (2) pharmacology; (3) pharmaceutics drug delivery and analysis; and (4) pharmacodynamics, pharmacokinetics and drug metabolism.

In addition to their support of the basic research and graduate training missions in the Pharmaceutical Sciences, scientists play key roles in the economic development of the region through their patents, development of UK intellectual property within start-up companies, and through the Center for Pharmaceutical Science and Technology (CPST).