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AZoNano's Mission

The aim of AZoNano.com is to retain and enhance its position as the primary Nanotechnology information source for the science, engineering and design community worldwide. It also aims to be the primary publicist of news, views and developments within the Nanotechnology community.

However, unlike many other Nanotech related organisations AZoNano.com is totally focussed on the needs of the end users of Nanotechnology. To achieve this aim, all of the educational, informative and news content on AZoNano.com is easy to access and search and is provided on a free of charge, no subscription, no charge per article, totally free basis.

The Idea

The idea was to build a Nanotechnology knowledgebase that would really help to translate Nanotechnology into tangible industrial benefits. Making it very easy for the layman and non-Nanotech specialist to discover how Nanotechnology could benefit them and bringing together the providers of Nanotechnology with organisations that can benefit from implementing Nanotechnologies.

The construction of AZoNano.com began in 2003 using the already proven and successful AZoM.com internet portal and technology platform. The AZoM.com site having successfully demonstrated how materials technologies and information can be distributed to millions of end-users via the web.

"....AZoNano.com provides a wealth of knowledge about anything nano. Answers to virtually any question you may have on nanomaterials, applications or industries are laid out from A to Z. The site is very easy to navigate, useful and (best of all) free.

"Nanotechnology for Dummies", Wiley Publishing 2005

AZoNano's Team

AZoNano.com is owned and operated by AZoNetwork a Manchester, UK based online science and tech publisher, with offices in Sydney, Australia and New York, USA.

In addition to a team of staff writers, “Thought Leader” contributors and content partners from around the globe, AZoNano.com is fortunate to have a key in house team of scientists, software engineers, editors and Nanotech specialists who have worked on the publication and site for over 7 years.

AZoNano Example Contributors

AZoNano.com Thought Leader and Nobel Prize winner Dr. Kostya S. Novoselov.

COMSZONE contributor, Prof Michelle Khine

AZoJono – The Journal of Nanotechnology Online – Founding Editors

AZoNano’s Customers

AZoNano.com is funded by an advertising model that connects the buyers and sellers of Nanotech related products, services and equipment with a global audience of scientists, engineers, researchers and designers.

You can see many of our sponsors and customers on our Facebook Photos page and view some of our customers below;

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