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Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Research Group

School of Materials Science and Engineering
Georgia Instritute of Technology, 771 Ferst Dr
Atlanta Georgia, 30332-0245
United States
PH: 1 (404) 8948008
Fax: 1 (404) 8949140
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Company Background

We are a nanoscience and nanotechnology research group in the School of Materials Science and Engineering of the Georgia Institute of Technology.

Our recent research is focused on the fundamental science in the physical and chemical processes in nanomaterials growth, unique properties of nanosystems, novel in-situ measurement techniques, and new applications of nano-scale objects. We are interested in the integration of nanomaterials with microsystems and self-assembly of nanostructures.

Our objective is to develop in-situ, real-time, wireless, and implantable nanodevices and nanosystems for biomedical applications.

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Prof Zhong L. Wang

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