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Primary Activity

Component Supplier

Company Background

Tekna is the world leader in induction plasma technology. With sales in Europe, Asia and North America, Tekna specializes in the design, development and construction of integrated plasma systems for a wide range of laboratory research and industrial-scale materials processing and surface treatment applications.

Induction Plasma Technology

Tekna's induction plasma technology is state of the art. It allows the generation of plasmas using a wide range of gases under different operating conditions. Its innovative technology offers the necessary means for the development of new compounds and powder treatments, as it handles oxidizing and reducing atmospheres without contamination problems – something not possible with alternate conventional plasma sources.

Turn-Key Plasma System

Tekna offers a turn-key plasma system which can be tailored to specific customer needs. Its core technology in induction plasma is the result of decades of research and combines the latest research advances with modern industrial technologies such as digitization, automation, robotic control, continuous data acquisition systems and environmentally-friendly plasma gas recycling.

Process Demonstration Facility for Technology Eveluation

Tekna offers its clients a modern 4000 m2 process demonstration facility for induction plasma powder treatment, powder spheroidization, nanopowder synthesis and thermal plasma spraying. Its installations are available to evaluate the technological viability of particular applications and also for small-scale commercial production runs.